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Norway: Lindesnes to North Cape 2009 (Southernmost to northernmost point)

Hi guys, happy holidays and all that.

I've written a few of these before and know that alot of people mostly just look at the pictures. Never the less I am going to write a little, just about enough to tell the story and I hope you'll have the patience to tag along.

It's alot of work converting picturefiles to jpg, adjusting the size, uploading to a webhost and writing the damn ride report with all the links. In the past I've grown tired of working on the thread in the later stages and may have rushed it just to get to end making for a halfassed RR.

So I'm going to try to keep this one coming at an steady pace without rushing it so please keep checking for updates.

P: Lars

I'd been planning this trip in my head for quite some time. The main inspiration was "Atlanterhavsvegen" - The Atlantic coast road. I'd seen som pictures of this funky looking bridge and figured I had to go see it.

The more I thought about the more I expanded the route to get to and fro this bridge and ended up with a plan to ride from the southernmost point of Norway - Lindesnes - to the northernmost point of Norway and Europe for that matter - North Cape.

Now, I had planned for this to be a solo trip. During my 10 years as a motorcycle rider I'd actually never ridden solo longer than day trips and I felt it was about time I did something about it.

I didn't keep it a secret per say, but I didn't tell anyone about the planned trip either. Untill someone asked me what I had planned for summer vacation that was. That someone was Lars. A long time friend and riding buddy, who also happens to be my cousin. He didn't have anything planned for the summer either and asked if he could tag along. So now there were two.

'01 F650 Dakar - modified as best I can

2005: Australia - 8 months/ 26.000 km (anti clockwise circle)
2009: Norway - 2 weeks/ 6000 km (Lindesnes to North cape)


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