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Day 01 - 25/7-09
690 km - Total milage: 690 km
Oslo - Lindenes - Stavanger

A few years ago I shipped my bike to Australia for a trip and this is what my bike looked like at 2 am the night before stuffing the container

Not being one to break habit I was still working on the bike 'till about midnight the day prior to departure this time too.

And then I had to pack. And on top of that we had agreed to meet up a bit south of Oslo at 5am. It was a 1 hour ride for me just to get there. Awsome.

So this was the planned route for the day

I actually managed to leave the house at 4.10am and hauled ass on the highway. Maybe a third of the way to the Esso we had decided to meet at, the sky opened and was soaked before I arrived at the gas station. And as it turned out Lars was running a bit late.... Don't you just love those days ?!

The rain was pretty much gone within an hour, but it was still overkast and cold. We stopped at the next gas station around 8am and by that time I had severe problems staying alert and even dozed off a couple of times. The sun started warming and soon we were warm and dry again.

P: Lars

A cup of coffee and some food and chocolate before we were off again. Lindesnes lighthouse next.

The North Sea, England and the Atlantic next

The current lighthouse at Lindesnes. Built in 1917.

From the tower you can see the remnants of the older lighthouses that've been here

And the first one where they simply built wood fires in the caveties

So here we are, southernmost point in Norway

Lars rides a 1996 BMW R80GS Basic and I ride my trusty 2001 BMW 650GS Dakar

P: Lars

As my handle indicates we love gravel roads, but it's impossible to do a whole trip like this off the asphalt. At least on our time schedule, but we did ride a few.

And stopped to have a look at this brilliant green hillside (it was absolutely radiant through the red tintet lenses I have in my goggles)

Across the road was some running water and we felt inspired

Here's an example of old and new.
The old tunnel (on the left in the picture) goes paralell to the new one (on the right)

P: Lars

View from the other side

And Lars took a picture of me from the reversed angle

P: Lars

Selfportrait. Don't we just love'em !

Better get a move on before we have to pass all those cars again....

We arrived in Stavanger late afternoon where Yngve was waiting. He works at BMW so we had a plan to replace the camchain tensioner on my bike. (It's not a recall, but BMW has made a fix..... better safe than sorry).

Left: Old
Right: New

The day ended with the three of us riding to Yngve's house for dinner, a couple of beers and an early night.

'01 F650 Dakar - modified as best I can

2005: Australia - 8 months/ 26.000 km (anti clockwise circle)
2009: Norway - 2 weeks/ 6000 km (Lindesnes to North cape)


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