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Originally Posted by Zacharia_11
Good to hear! I like the coverage of the BMW plate back thru to the CAT, but the word on the street is some of the construction could be a little better, concerns over welds and rivets. The front top section of the Adventure spec plate looks purposeful, if your looking for second generation ideas...

I'll be checking back frequently... thanks!
On the current version having coverage right back to the Cat was always an absolute as was front protection of the oil filter and the oil cooler so that will all stay. The front at the height it is seems to work well...and it has even higher coverage with the tool box mounted on.
I was a little surprised by the thin gauge of the BMW plate and the rivets when I first saw it. Our plate is mounted with welded CNC aluminium inserts and it is the more typical 4mm (.160") for the right amount of strength. Good welding by real humans too

See pic below ...

crappybiker; I like to hear all feedback but I may have selective hearing
Actually it is not nearly as obvious in real life...nevertheless the new version wouldn't have room for the whole MOD and so future versions will just have the M like the top rack, as will the KLR skid plate.

Motoriley; Thanks...and I am in Canada too, just the other side.

A better pic of the top rack in the forward position with the Rotopax 1 gal. on the side. It tucks in perfectly.

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