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Funny you should mention that, two days before Christmas

on my way to the bank I lost my clutch I have a hydraulic clutch and no cable to break so I was like WTF
As I'm pulling over I'm slapping the lever trying to figure what is going on and the lever adjustment plunger assembly just plops out on the ground. So I pick it up and push the bike into a parking lot and start thinking, how am I going to make it to the bank before they close then make it 20 miles back home?
I decided I could take back streets and just roll the stop signs. I start the thing up and start running and pushing, jump on and stab it into 1st, she doesn't stall so I'm thinking I'm good First stop sign and the flood gates have opened, so I kill the motor and wait, then run-push and stab. Now I look up through my fogged face shield and see a cop up the road at the next stop sign with someone pulled over. Quick, more side stepping and more traffic at every stop sign...after doing this 8 or 9 times I made it to the bank.

Now I've got 6 major intersections(45,55 &65mph traffic) to go and 20 miles! So this is what I came up with..

The local shop had a lever and after getting everything apart today I see that it is the exact same lever on my CR500's Magura hyd. clutch. Good to know for the next time.

Since my SMC is a commuter I have a Pelican case on the rack, plenty of tools and of course zip ties. This is the biggest malfunction I've had that almost prevented me from getting home so I guess it wasn't all that bad. Even though I've had some valve train issues the bike has always gotten me home 35,600mi and counting. How long will my luck hold?

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