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how many?

Originally Posted by Twentyniner
Camping Ride: Here's my idea so far.

Meet at the Bisbee Breakfast Club at 8:00 A.M. on the 1st for a pre-ride breakfast. We will then take the Border Road to Douglas, top off with fuel and head east on Geronimo Trail Road(easy gravel), then loop back through Animas to Portal. Those that want to do pavement only can just take Hwy 80 to Portal and meet us there. We can then find a good campsite low on the mountain close to Portal and set up camp. It'll still be cold, but we won't be camping in the snow. Those of us with knobbies or less common sense can then go up the mountain to play in the mud and snow for a while. If Onion Saddle is passable we can return that way in the morning, or alternately take Rucker Canyon to Leslie Canyon back to Douglas.

I'll get to the BBC early and get us a table since I'm in Bisbee. How many are coming for breakfast? Also how many are camping? Should we plan a meal with each contributing or just each bring their own? Is anyone bringing anything that cooks or is it campfire/meat on a stick type stuff?

I'm considering grabbing a couple MRE's. Not the best tasting , but hella good for the intended purpose. Anyone interested?

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