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Originally Posted by AZ-Twin
Sounds like you need Jack Daniels...not beer!

I am meeting for breakfast, and camping. For food I was gonna bring an MRE, my single burner cook stove, a very small pot for boiling water for oatmeal and coffee. You could go "Survivor Man" and trap a squirrel, skin it, and eat it Raw............or buy ravioli at the store.

I have a new D606 front in the shop but I did not put it on, wonder if I should do that? I am running Saharas now.


if/when we encounter snow, i'd want the knobbiest thing i could find. took the 80/20's off today for the d606's. it looks so much better and i'm not scared of crashin now. i dropped the bike 3 times the first outing with the 80/20's.
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