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Originally Posted by vrago
OK, I may be a sucker, but nothing ventured.

Since I have and FCR on my 640 (hear that, cult of the BST), I figured I'd do some extensive research on more response from the FCR. I checked out some of the reviews on the Power Now intake baffles.

Maybe Snake oil, like the perpetual motion machine spinners in this months Cycle World.

Vendor says, baffle on intake side of carb reduces turbulence at less than half throttle and improves responsiveness on lower end. The also have a power now plus which is a baffle for the head end, which reportedly acts much like porting and polishing in that it aids top end.

I will give it a try. I'll even have some witnesses at this weekend's tech event. Look for a report to follow.

Turbulence is the result (or is rather predicted by) the Reynold's Number of the gas flowing through your intake tract.

I won't bore you with the math, but let's just say that all intake flow is turbulent all the time, and there is not a damn thing you or anyone else can do about it, because you can not have laminar flow at the velocities, pressures, temperature, and density combinations that we are dealing with.

But WTF, Dirt Bike Magazine loved it.

But all is not lost. If it isn't the next great thing, get your money back and send for my latest leaflet:

"How not to be a sucker" by sending $49.95 +$6.95 S&H to

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Sorry, mate.
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