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Originally Posted by toowheels
Hey Dave,

This rack is an intriguing solution. Stacking a couple one gallon tanks on top, maybe one for water and one for gas, would be sweet. I could also see using one of these bladders from Liquid Containment in Oz on this rack:

They do custom designs as well, so it may be possible to get one fabbed up that would precisely fit any rack or pannier top.

But on to the above photo...

I like the idea of getting the weight lower. Are you using the stock Rotopax L-bracket here? What keeps it from flexing laterally, say, if you went down on the right side? I'm assuming it's held only by the two bolts. Maybe there's enough flex in the rack itself to absorb a hit from the side? Suppose you had a pannier rack system, are the attachment points on the L-bracket slotted to allow you to adjust the bracket in or out to rest on the pannier brackets?

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