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Originally Posted by team ftb
I'd love to see more threads of this type popping up for the Japanese large bore enduro bikes. Solutions to oil capacity etc. discussed. My 2003 yamaha YZF just needed its first set of valves and only its second piston, not bad for a seven year old race bike. So I beleive a WR450 with the same basic motor design could be utilized for long offroad journeys with not much thought.

I just got back from a three country, month long, offroad based trip on my KTM 525EXC so I believe my 525 might disagree with Dump-a-thump pigeon holing it into weekend toy status.

Fact is some of us prefer to take a light weight bike over a lardy dual sport/ADV if we are heading into difficult terrain. Both bikes would most likely make it and the lardy dual sport no doubt with less maintenance. However due to dementia I enjoy a lightweight race bike on the trips I do more than a DRZ, LC-4, WR-R, etc. Not sure about others but I love motorbikes for the fun it gives me, nothing pragmatic about it. I want to have fun, period. Fun for me is whistling over the tops off whoops, picking along a tight singletrack hopping roots and rocks, etc. and more often than not a lightweight Enduro bike turns my ugly mug into smiles quicker than a KLX, GS650, LC-4 ever can. For me I'll take lovely, sexy, Lolita with the Doc Martins, push up bra, and dark eye make-up from Philosophy class over frumpy ole Martha in her baggy UCLA sweatshirt and tennies, from Home Economics class any day. Not the right choice for everyone but the right choice for me. I'm guessing the original poster might have the same proclivity and hence his desire to see what WR's pressed into long riding duties look like.
well said!

There are a lot of companies catering to the enduro market with aftermarket goodies.

Fastway - Pro moto Billet racks
Giant Loop bags
Fender packs
Bigger Fuel tanks. Personally I think the 6.6l is a big overkill, unless you going through remote area's with no fuel. Yes the big tank looks cool, but its horrible in sand, theres nothing I hate more then a front end thats pushing in sand.

Proper dualsport tires that wear well. Dunlop 606/907/8, Mt21's, TKC's ect.
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