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Laugh "Fly-ride West ride Canada to Mexico & points between

Oct. 2012 Edit: 3 years running now. Still Haven't made it to either Panama nor Alaska even though it was originally a 1 1/2 year plan. The seasons & the trips are just not long enough. Anyways the migration has been fun & the plan is still to get to both. It's just takin a little longer. Oh well!!!
Livin the Dream - Ridin the world. That's the plan.
I'm only semi retired yet, plus can't/don't want to be away from home for too long at a time right now. So what can I do?
FLY & RIDE! Starting with the Wild Wonderful rugged & Beautiful West. I'll store the bike in major hubs allowing for direct flights from T.O. Toronto Ontario Canada that is.
This is a 2 year plan riding North/South like a migratory bird, with the seasons.
Far south as Panama, far north as Alaska in roughly 2 week stints over the next 2 years. Rough plan is: Leave Ontario fall 2009 Destination Phoenix. Store Bike fly home. Fly back in 3 weeks following Explore area, finish in Vegas. Use Vegas as hub till spring.
Winter 2009: Ride Baja, Mexico-Copper canyon, Death Valley, San, Diego, Palm Springs, LA.
Spring: Head north via California & West coast. First hub, San Francisco. Explore. North to hub Vancouver late spring.
July - Alberta. Start heading south August, rocky mountain States, local rallies, WestFest. Will be visiting many National Parks. Migrate south with the weather, Ultimately back to Vegas.
Winter 2011 head thru Mexico & Central America to Panama. Store bike so no rush.
Fly home couple weeks then back & ride north back to Vegas. Spring/Summer to Alaska & Yukon then???
Ready to ride;Ride started Sunday Oct 26. (Wanted to have some good pics ready before starting report to make for a more entertaining start, plus well hey what can I say I've been busy.)
Start plan was riding to Phoenix, store bike fly home Nov.10. To make the ride more interesting
I decided to ride straight south first thru West Virginia, Tennessee, Great Smokies, Deals Gap - Tail of the Dragon, Cherahola then West. Planned to meet up with 2 fellow ADVers, AllenTC in Charlston West Virginia and Todd-ADVTENN in Tennesseesome fellow ADVers.. AllenTC was going to ride 2 Hrs north to meet me in North end of west Virginia so we could do a nice route south together. I would stay at his place in Charleston and we would ride to meet with Todd next day.
Ended up leaving much later in the day than expected.

Now I had to make up some time in the dark.
Riding south in the dark on the NY interstate I fear for Deer.
Woh! Suddenly appearing in my headlite my fear is realized and it's a big one!
I slam the brakes on, the bike dives and the road ahead is suddenly dark, headlite pointing straight down, Can't see!.
I let up for an instant having dropped a good amount of speed. Oh Deer he's right there! Why am I letting off the brakes.
Just stop! Stop! stop! to the side. No cars behind me, Whoooh! I'm stopped, lights up, deer gone. Big Breath!!! Careful!
Yes the Adventure has begun!
Rode to about 11pm got motel. Met Allen next Day 11:00 Clarksburg WV. We had a beautiful sunny fall day ~20C/70F.
I made sure we found some adventurous roads and extra challenge.

Here are some comments Allen had made on facebook: "When I meet Roland, I ask if he has a route. "No, I thought we'd just see what the GPS says is the funnest (yes, I know it's not a real word) ride." His method for determining this is to zoom the screen down to the smallest scale and see which road looks curviest. This also usually winds up putting us on some of the most ungodly dirt, back-country roads. We spend something like 6 hours making our way back from Clarksburg to Scott Depot. A ride that took me 2 hours to make on the way up."

The next day we head out to meet another friend, Todd, who lives in Kingsport, TN. The plan is to meet him in Tazewell, VA and do some sightseeing around his neck of the woods. The only catch is, it's pouring by the time as we roll out of Tazewell.

Despite the weather, these two decide to go through every drenched, leave covered two-lane in western VA and eastern TN. After about three hours of riding, my Tourmaster pants, touted as waterproof, shout "No mas" and give up. I swear, it was that fast. One minute I'm riding in relative comfort, the next, cold rainwater douses my bikini area. Shocking, I tell you. I spend till almost 6pm THAT day riding in the rain! But the evening was pretty awesome. That evening I had some great Mexican and got to try some real Tennessee 'shine. When I got home Wednesday afternoon, I had a hair over 1,300 miles on the bike.

This time Allan didn't launch his bike up a cliff into a tree so he is gettin better.
Eastern Rendesvous:
We met with Todd Next day. Unfortunatly weather was miserable and we couldnt do a good part of the route Todd had planned out. Was still a good day and fun seeing riding with those guys. Met Todds family, very nice. We went out for diner & Then visited and had some drinks Todds Dad who has an awsome ManCave (Garage/Shed). What a place, Bikes/Beer/Moonshine & Memoabilia. Slot Machine, Juke Box. That was a fun night."
A big part of the fun of the ride is meeting new people along the way and the different accents and the way they speak. Oddly many thought I spoke differently & with an accent???
Here we are next morning in Todds driveway.

Allen would be returning home along with a new self proclaimed nickname, "Pokey".
He's since got a new mascot mounted On his bike.

Todd would ride with me and return home the following day.
So there I have a start. I'll try to catch up the RR asap. Stay tuned - Come along.
Rock on,
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-2009 Colorado & West Fest
-Baja 2009 from Canada
"Take time, because time will eventually take you"! (and you never know just how much yer gonna get )
Let's ride!
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