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is this the final answer????...YES!!! and here's the RX

so i was just lurking on the tmex thread and came across this post from Red Hawk47 and his reply along with Joel Wisman's explanation of the factory tool ......FYI,,,i spent half hour talking with Bob at RAD about fine tuning the F800GS billet hubs and making doubly sure about the sequence we wanted to use to insure zero pre-load on the finished bearing,,

here's what we agreed upon,,,because the same technique will provide all of you with a bullet proof way of assembling your bearings the way they were intended to operate and that is:

A...for the disc side bearing to control lateral movement we want it pressed tight against its seat and held in place by the circlip

B...the sprocket side bearing's outer race is to free float while the inner race should rest tight against the inner spacer with no preload..we can accomplish this goal ideally by:

Rx...having 2 flat faced drifts shy of 47mm od circa at least 2 inches long ready to use [i'll get some pics of these later]

1...heating the hub while the bearings are frozen,,,then dropping the bearing side in first all the way til it seats and here's the trick,,you need to take the 47mm flat tool and tap the bearing to make sure it is seated,,

2...then stand the hub sprocket side up on this flatfaced tool

3...insert the spacer with centering ring down toward the disc side

4...drop the next bearing in and if necessary tap it in place with the second flatfaced tool

5...let it cool so that the hub shrinks and grabs the bearings

6...flip over and install the circlip with the sharp edge facing outwards

7...install the disc seal

8...check your bearings they should be perfectly located and spin free

there ya have it...tis the proper sequencing AND use of flat faced installers that will give you consistent results..of course in a hub properly bored


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Originally Posted by JoelWisman
Bluebull2007, the factory tool we use to install bearings has a projection in the center that fits the bearing inner hole and is flat all the way across to apply pressure squarely on both the inner and outer races simultaneously.

This is the key to alleviating your problem Bluebull2007. The right side bearing is intended to "float" in it's position in the hub. It looked like you used a socket to press the bearing in - that presses the outer race only. By using a solid tool the presses both the outer and inner races the bearing will stop at the sleeve and the outer race will be in the proper "float" position.

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