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I guess I'll start the ball rolling.

The crew at the Bisbee Breakfast Club, getting ready to sally forth with a bellyful of the best breafast in Bisbee!

Az-Twins BMW. Note the IED waiting to happen bungied to the bag. The litre bottle of fuel parted company with Rob's bike somewhere east of Douglas on Geronimo Trail Road.

The DRZ Supermoto, knobblied out. Note the compact set-up, which included a tent and a stove.

Guppies Prarie Schooner, Beverly Hillbillies style. It looks like he's got more stuff than me, but there's no stove or tent on that rig.

Arizona, New Mexico and Old Mexico all meet near here.


Sacrificial Annode.

Deep in the Chiricahuas.

Raccoon water.

Camping supplies!

I worked New Years Eve, so I celebrated the New Year in the woods.


Annode. Guinness hat and a flask of ten year old Scotch.

Clay. Pouting because Rob and I ate the extra grilled cheese sammitch instead of bringing it back to camp for him.

We believe that this hat was what the skunk was trying to hump when it woke Guppy up in the middle of the night!


The road to breakfast was paved with...ICE!!!

Clay, post slide.

Going nowhere fast.

Even though we froze our asses off(it got down into the twenties!), I had a blast! Can't wait 'till the next one.

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