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Originally Posted by the venturer
Thank you very much. Glad that you have liked it. This summer, I and three riders from ADV community will be riding along Mediterranean and Aegean, then to Cappadocia region through Taurus Mountains. That's gonna be a wonderful rally with plenty sunshine to snowy mountains. Why not join us? We all will be happy.
As for campingspots; Turks are hospitable people. There are ample sites you can use as campspots, even villages or petrol stations.
If you have a GPS and plan to ride w/o us, I can send you campspot points as POI.
They aren't pricey as it varies between approximately 3-10 Euros per night.
Thanks for the good advice Venturer.

Joining you guys fo a while sounds great, specially after probably having been on the road by my self for a bit by then.

As I mentioned before I’m planning my first big trip outside of Europe by motorcycle (I’ve been lucky enough to experience Turkish hospitality travelling otherwise ).
And I am still figuring stuff out. Like the best way to get to Turkey all the way from Holland.
Right now the ferry from Italy to Çesme seems like a good option. I think that would probably place me right in your path somewhere as well. Also I have Cappadocia as kind of my end goal.

If it’s okay I will send you a message or something when I know things a little bit more for certain.
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