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Originally Posted by codyrides
So as of right now, I have done the entire rear cylinder, and re-installed everything except the valve cover. Here are my old and new measurements (converted back to MM).

I1 - .089 -> .178
I2 - .102 -> .178
E1 - .203 -> .279
E2 - .203 -> .279

I should get the front done next weekend, and have this task behind me.

Big thanks to everyone that had helpful suggestions. They made it really easy to do.
You haven't taken the front apart yet? Sometimes the shim you need is the one you take out of another valve. Not sure that's going to be the case here, but it could save someone some time if you check all shim sizes first and then replace/sand them as needed.

I'd also recommend people ask their dealer about shim replacement. I know several places that will simply swap your wrong-sized shims for ones with the dimensions you need at no cost. It may not be as accurate as custom sanding but it takes 5 minutes instead of a whole weekend.

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