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steve I could not sleep thought I would post a little. I'm running stock gearing 14/48 I believe. I don't have a Tachometer, but will be ordering a Trail Tech Vapor this week. Then I will know what RPM I think would be best. Also going to order up a front 15t and a rear 45t. My goal is to run 80mph as close to the same RPM I currently run 50mph. Anyway running mine where it felt good I was running right around 50mph on pavement. It was not revving too high, had the power to accelarate, was not lugging, would pull any hill, and just ran fine.
The only issue I have is at what RPM will I get the cruise speed I want in 5th. My concern is running the bike for 10-12 hours on pavement at high rpms just to get home or to meet up for a ride. Running dirt roads at 40-50 is nothing, and hopefully I can stay in 3-4th without lugging or revving it.
I put a 3.3 on last year with a Gutts Tall Soft. Should have put a 6.6 on and probably will this year. Rode 700 miles in three days at DV sitting down the entire time due to a completely torn loose (as not attached at all) ACL. Seat was a little soft, but if I was riding normal I think it would be fine.
Oil changes are nothing to do on the trail as I don't change filters until 1000miles or more at times. Depending on the riding I would simply drop the oil as I felt it was needed.
Another thing to remember is that running these bikes at 40+mph they run much cooler then most think. If I was riding slow, close to boiling, lots of clutch use, etc. then an oil change every 100 miles or so maybe less. At those speeds a 40 mile day is super hard. If I was going to run a lot of slab I would cover up half my radiators to keep the heat up unless it was 100 degrees out. Cooler temps cause oil to not break down as fast. Looked at oil coolers, but they don't add enough oil to equal what you shake off. Again with the Vapor I will be able to monitor how hot different riding conditions actually are. Not hard at all to carry a quart or two of oil, and that should allow you to ride 1000 miles over a few days easy.
I will be seriously looking at a Cush Hub also. They are expensive at around 700 bucks laced with a rim, but there have been those with transmission problems. It is not a fact that you have to use a cush hub, but enough have shown up to make it a serious consideration for me.
Well need to get going as I have a five hour road trip ahead going over two passes.
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