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Originally Posted by MitchMan
Surely something like a KTM 300 EXC would be pretty competitive, reliable and simple to fix if anything went wrong?

This question was (kinda) raised last year too...

Gerard Barbazant made a career (several times IIRC) of trying to get a 125 EXC to the finish... and as Rallye pointed out below... he used up a lot of pistons, cylinders etc. in the process...

Another guy from France named - Luc Grajwoda (spelling not quite sure) - made a habit out of riding a monocoque framed KX 500 creation in the Dakar and various other rallies in the early to mid nineties...

The thing used to vibrate that much that it often split/fractured the welds on the chassis and aluminium fuel tanks/subframe construction... and his eyeballs were still going up and down a half hour after he climbed off the thing at the bivouac of a night...

So basically the answers to all your questions are summed up nicely in Ned's post above...

Originally Posted by rallye
a french dude Gerard Barbazant tried for many years to finish the dakar on a ktm 125 exc with a 28 liter tank fitted to it , i don't think he ever finished one but went through many a piston tying.

This may be his taken in Barcelona at the start of the '05 Dakar, KTM125

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