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In my case the protection bar which the sidestand is partially mounted to has been bent and pulled back numerous times. In addition I beleive the sidestand itself is slightly bent and the open stops of the stand have appreciable wear/distress. The end result is that the bike leans waaaay over when resting on the sidestand - not a confidence inspiring sight when the bike is fully loaded for a trip. This lean is with shim plates attached to the bottom of the stand foot. I installed a Browns on my R75/6 about 5 years ago and feel that it's the best convenience enhancement I've made even though the stock sidestand worked just fine. Lots of Browns have been and are still being sold.
A frame/engine bolt mounted sidestand for the GS makes it easier to deploy the sidestand and would make the bike more stable when parked, and lastly, would do away with concerns with being able to use the sidestand after dumping the bike and bending the left side protection bars while out on a trip. I've heard more than once of cases where the sidestand broke due to excessive lean on a loaded bike.
Those are my reasons for wanting an aftermarket stand. Some other folks don't like the stock sidestand because of the self-retracting feature (there are ways to negate this feature but I haven't because I like it and the likelehood of forgetting to retract it is good because once deployed it's more or less hidden by the cylinder and head). Other's don't like the stock stand because for whatever reason (shorter legs, poor flexibility, etc.) they find it difficult to deploy the stand properly (this may be especially true and inadvisable when needing to park the bike where the ground slopes downhill on the left side - however slightly).. Some have gone so far as to rig up a pulley system to extend the stand.

Anyway, with the Browns stand it's convenient, visible when deployed, you can hear it snap open, it's located more centrally on the bike (no reach involved, better fore/aft weight balance, especially when the bags are loaded. etc. ) and is worth every penny. Just wish they made one for the R100GS.

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