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Yes to both, I think I was playing with the adjustment... Its not hitting the pipe currently (unlike me ) but it once was. It is now almost topped out. Just a few threads showing so I too have chosen the high level.

I have been having just the little bit of trouble with this whole lever, as of late. The weld at the bottom of the lever where it connects to the pivot tube had come undone, and I rewelded it back together. At some other earlier point the ball of the ball and socket had come unriveted and was also welded back together.
Both o these things had the result of the lower ball and socket joint separating in mid flight, and the lever dangling. Pain in the ass not to be able to shit gears.

As of now the socket is ever so egged out and the pivot tube is not so tight on the pivot. The doubleended threadedbolt is slightly bent and the small wire retainer is hanging on or dear life

I cant believe the whole thing is still together. That thing is a tribute to German engineering... the lowly shift linkage

ANyhow I can usually use the side of my boot to get it up a gear, and sometimes down, without having to get a whole foot under or over it, but it lately just seemed like it was taking 90deg of ankle rotation to engage and I thought damn this feels weird.

I almost wish i could move the ball close to the other end so it meant less pedal travel. Less pedal travel would be optimal. Shortening the pedal have the same effect but make other problems I'm trying to imagine what crap I have lying around that would make some rubber for that peg. An old inner tube, vulcanized somehow? hundred wraps of e-tape?
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