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Originally Posted by JoelWisman
Well, engineers at BMW do exactly that
Maybe so, but it's hard to imagine them running an engine on the dyno for the equivalent of tens of thousands of miles with different alloys and surface treatment of cams and buckets it hopes of getting them to wear at the same rate as valve recession. After all, people expect valves to need adjustment at some point.

I would think that if BMW engineers had any spare time they would put it into making a bullet proof final drive as people do not expect failure of the FD. Also they would not release what would appear to be a beta version of a bike as they seem to have done with the GS800 with failures of axles, chains, wheel bearings, fuel gauges, fuel injection glitches, clutches, etc.

On a different note, anyone buying a shim kit should make sure that they are factory shims, not after market from some mystery source. If they are examined with a high power glass some have really crude finishes.
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