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Originally Posted by opposedcyljunkie
My play is the same too. Well, somewhat less due to the shortened lever I use

Not only that, both ball sockets are secured by pin locks which make it practically impossible for the ball to unseat itself from the socket.
I know what you mean and agree about the ball joint clips. Just for clarity, what I was referring to is other bikes I've had where the adjuster has right and left threads and works like a turnbuckle. I've seen it more than once on the track and amost had one on my Ducati unscrew itself after the lock nuts vibrated loose. Long enough between shifts, and suddenly the center link is disconnected or totally fallen off.

My ST can't do this because its right hand threaded at both ends - I presume its stock, unless a PO made up a new center link himself using two right hand ball joints. (I have found some other home-machine shop gadgets on this bike that have had to be "corrected", though.)
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