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I want to explain my avatar.

The first tag I ever GOT was that bridge with the brown railings I posted earlier.
I had a tag in mind that I really wanted to do.
I composed it in my head over and over.
Even I was surprised at how well it turned out.

I cracked up every time I looked at it for about a month afterwards.

I have this liking for roadside oddities for some reason.
I guess because they are different and unique and show some of the character of those who made them and those who use them.

Here is a composition from when I took that picture.

Mr. Bill's is a little restaurant that I pass twice a week going to church on Sunday morning and Wednesday night.
One of the young ladies from church worked there and I gave her an 8X10 framed copy to give to the owner.
He loved it.
He even hung it up on the wall in his eatery.

I made a postcard for him as he did not have a decent picture to provide for advertising.
Here it is.

I went there about 3 times trying to get the lighting right.
The problem was that the sun goes behind the statue and not in front of it so I kept getting shadows on the face and there were trees to the right that cast shadows on the whole statue later in the day.
I don't know what the lighting conditions were the first time.
I just thanked God for a good photo.
I only took 6 or 7 pictures and that one turned out great.

This statue is known as a Muffler Man.
The style is called a "Halfwit" !
Imagine that !

Here is some information on Muffler Men from Roadside America.

They were designed to hold mufflers or anything else you could stick in there to make a unique roadside sign.
I love these things.
There are several more in the state and I tagged another one and three more have been tagged by other people.
Some of those you will see later.

Check out the YouTube "Tour of the Shore" video on Mr. Bill's web site.


State Tag #226 Half Wit

Mufler Man Halfwit @
Mr. Bill's @

My Thread of Where I've Been: "PC's Adventures in PIctures"

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