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Originally Posted by the venturer
Thank you econan. It is WE who still have been damaging those frescoes, not only Muslims. One can easily see all ABC's in the world carved on them. And that's a shame for all mankind.
P.S. More uploads coming soon.
It was a long time ago, I know... but to follow up, those walls paint a fascinating picture of the tides of religious history. The defacing of the cross and the paintings where all the faces have been removed was probably the work of muslim occupation after the Byzantines. But some of those frescoes have only some faces obliterated, probably of de-canonized or "heretic" saints, and these probably result from intra-Christian feuds between the Byzantine and Roman churches.

In 500 years, maybe archaeologists will be looking at the modern graffiti (which we think is vandalism) and commenting "hey, this reflects the secular period of the early 21st century when the place was in disrepair and used as a tourist attraction..." and thinking it's historic and interesting!
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