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Originally Posted by Gregarious
If it's not too late to make a suggestion: pre-drill 4 holes to accomodate a Givi mount kit. These mounts can be used on Happy Trails and SW-Motech racks for optional Givi side cases. The bottom lugs are the same ones used by Caribou cases as well.

For those of us that also use Givi top boxes for on-road touring, commuting, errand running etc., this would be super convenient addition to a top rack. Screw on 4 bolts in 1 minute and you can mount your Givi top case. Going for an off-road adventure? Pull off the mounts and strap your soft luggage on this new top rack.

I'm currently using an SW-Motech top-rack that has a quick-release Givi compatible mounting plate , which works OK for the Givi, but their top rack isn't that swell for larger soft luggage.

All my previous dual-sports (KLR650, DRZ400, KTM640) have done some sort of commuting duty and on each one I've rigged up some kind of Givi top-mount. The SW Motech has the right idea, but their top rack isn't as nice as your's promises to be.

Just a thought...

Givi Lug Kit:

SW Motech Givi Plate:

WOW! You guys are good! Do you have spy's up here?

I wasn't quite ready to let that cat out of the bag yet...

Below is the Givi mounts on the prototype MOD F800 GS top rack.

It's not quite perfect though. It sits just a little too far forward encroaching on the passenger's space. You don't need the rubber on the front of the top rack as it is already a tight fit with the width of the rack. You may need two at the rear though...
It's difficult trying to make all the different elements work together.
It is perfect solo and you can still slide the rack forward. I am not done yet though...

All those rectangular slots are there for a reason too...

Below is the big pic with a Givi E36 mounted on the top rack and the keen eye will notice the first prototype of the MOD F800 GS skid plate designed to work with more engine bars.

The second prototype of the plate will be done shortly.

So far it fits SW Motech, BMW, Givi and Touratech bars for sure.

I am still looking for someone with Holan's to confirm the fit with those. It looks like it will fit.

All of the Motooverland goods will be on display at the Vancouver Motorcycle Show, Jan 21-24th booth #908. There's a link on the site;

I look forward to seeing some of you there.

Anyone from Seattle coming's sooo close.

Thanks for all the feedback so far!

Moto Overland [MOD] -Skid Plates, Top racks, Tool Boxes etc for Adventure bikes
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