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Originally Posted by heetseeker
Great bike and it's mild to wild depending on the right wrist. If you're not used to 2 strokes, put the mild power valve spring in which will make the "hit" come on later in the rpm range...that will keep you from looping it on the first day like I did...

I have an '09 300 XC-W, and that son-of-a-bitch almost killed me three weeks ago. That machine is no joke, and all business.

For the record, I am no "Bubba" Stewart. However, I am not a noob, either. I started riding dirt when I was 12 years old (39 now), have a good amount of 2-stroke experience, and have owned all types of bikes (Gen I. Hayabusa and Honda CR500, to name a couple).

If you choose to buy one, I would recommend (like heetseeker) that you use the auxiliary spring and ignition curve (connection) to tone it down on your first few outings (if you're not used to 2-strokes). I think it would be better for you to walk away from your first ride (a little disappointed), than to be airlifted away (unconscious).

With that out of the way, I will tell you that I absolutely love mine. Like heetseeker posted, it's a friggin' tractor. And, the power is very addictive. As far as the street-legal thing, I don't know...I bought mine strictly for dirt duty.

Taking all the information (that you gave) into account, I think you'd prefer the suspension and wide-ratio gearbox of the XC-W to the suspension and gearbox of the XC.

In my very humble opinion, if you want one, get one. I think you will enjoy it.

Good Luck.

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