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I put the nicely machined matte gold anodized intake bell witha a vane down the center of it onto my FRC-39 carb equiped LC4.

I had dyno runs from jetting (Factory Eddy current dyno) indicating it had 40+ HP at 7000 RPM. I was very pleased with the jetting and found the power fine. I did notice that the FCR did not seem to like to be "thwacked" open, for lack of better term, instead it seemed to respond better to a more linear roll on.

Since I'm a bit uptight and edgy, I wanted my throttle response to be that way as well. THat's why I tried the Snake Oil out.

Sicne I do not have a dyno handy and am ot sure how you would run a test on such a modification since its purpose is not really to add any hp. But You all will just have to take my subjective assessment.


No really, it does change things a bit, like instantaneous throttle responsiveness. My favorite sensation on a bike (OK, tractor, truck, or anything else powered ) is torque and It made the torque come on earlier and possibly longer.

Say what you will, but that c note made me smile. I'd recommend the device to any other heretics who have abandoned the much championed BST.

Oh yeah, Since there is so much energy on this topic, I made creeper ride it so he could get dragged into the drama.

Jokes aside, I think it did move the start of the torque rise down a bit and am very pleased with the result.

The unit is just slightly longer than the intake bell I got from sudco when I got the fcr for conversion. It made no diffrence on install.
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