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Originally Posted by LukasM
...They come with lights, reflectors, turn signals, speedo, license plate light/bracket and all the other crap legally required here. To pass the very strict EU emissions test, they are severely restricted from the factory. Quiet mufflers, very lean carb jetting, throttle stop, etc. They usually make about 7-11HP in stock form. ...
Thanks for the info. Lukas. I knew that all the 300's were 2-stroke's. I just couldn't figure-out the current or past "EXC" thing, in regard to the 300. I'm fairly new to this ORANGE thing. And, when KTM first grabbed my eye, all the EXC's (in the States) were street-legal (450 and 530). Furthermore, I knew that "factory" street-legal two-stroke's (at least here in the states) were definitely a thing of the past.

When this "EXC" topic first came-up, on this thread, I kinda' suspected that it was the nomenclature for the 2-stroke, street-legal models offered in your neck of the woods. However, when I got on the KTM "international" site, I saw that "your" 300 EXC didn't have signals, mirrors, etc. And, I also noted that the KTM international site didn't catalog "our" XC and XC-W models. So, I looked at the specs., and just kinda' figured that your "EXC" was our "XC-W" (with a couple of minor differences).

Thanks again for the clarification...
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