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Whoo boy. ¿Como se dice "can of worms" en Español?

I'm a BIG fan of ABS, Alberto. I wouldn't even consider buying a bike without it. It has saved my bacon twice now, and probably will again.


There are many folks here who will tell you that it's a waste of money, or even dangerous.

So you're probably going to hear many different versions of why you should or shouldn't get it, sprinkled with a lot of questionable data from both sides. Most likely you'll end up more confused than when you started.

Here are some facts that I think are beyond dispute:

1. Having ABS on your bike makes it easier to sell later, and you'll get a higher resale value for it.

2. If you ride off-pavement a lot, you're going to want to switch it off. Fortunately, on an F800 this is easy. You don't even have to come to a complete stop like on other BMWs. So if most of your time is off-pavement, you'll have less need for it.

3. On pavement, unless you're a professional bike racer, riding on a track, and in total control of your faculties (i.e., not in a panic situation), ABS will slow you down better than you can.

Beyond that, all is speculation, disinformation, and/or outright fantasy.

Let the flaming begin. I'm outta here.


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