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Laugh Slartidbartfast does the South Island (New Zealand)

Several years ago I came up with a Bucket List. I didn't call it a Bucket List because this was before people had heard of Bucket Lists. This was my "Fifty Things I'd Like To Do Before I Die" list. For several years thereafter, I proceeded to do little or none of the things on my list. ...All those things I said I would "love to do one day" just kept getting put off and put off. ...Always for good reasons of course!

Well about three or four years ago I decided that I needed to stop procrastinating, stop wishing, just make plans, set dates and get on and do some of those things I'd always wanted to do. A few things have changed since I made my first list: I got back into motorbiking after a several-year hiatus; I discovered motorbike touring with a group of friends and fellow Louisiana State motorcycle instructors. Despite travelling a lot for work, I love to travel for fun and thus, the first few things I planned were all centred around riding motorbikes. To that end, I spent two weeks in the summer of 2008 riding around Britain with a friend, Dewnmoon. This ride included an Iron-Butt, End-to-End, Dawn-to-Dusk, John O'groats to Land's End ride and checked off several things I'd always fancied doing by motorbike. Last year (2009) a group of fellow motorcycle instructors accompanied me on a two-week tour of Southwest England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany, taking in some of the finest scenery and motorbiking roads that Europe has to offer. Links to ride reports from these trips are in my signature.

Third on my list was New Zealand. I've always wanted to go there and thus this trip was conceived.

As I type this, I'm sitting in the Air New Zealand Lounge at Los Angeles. I have a few more hours here and hope to keep up with a Ride Report that can capture a tiny piece of the experience as it unfolds. Stay tuned

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January 2010 New Zealand South Island ride
Summer 2009 UK to Alps ride
Summer 2008 UK End-to-End ride
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