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I am using air miles for the flights to New Zealand. Free reward tickets are so much in demand that if you don't book them the moment they become available, they are snapped up and that's that. I decided that late February 2010 would be the best time to go, and booked the flights in March 2009, 338 days in advance. At that time, I wasn't even able to lock in my vacation yet.

As Christmas approached, it became increasingly obvious that the holiday (vacation) was going to clash with a number of important work assignments. "Too bad!" I jauntily said, but nonetheless, it was going to cause me some problems.

About a week ago, while on the phone with the airline for something else, I mentioned that it would be nice to fly on different dates. The nice lady on the phone laughed at me and agreed there wasn't much chance but said she'd look anyway. I heard something like this:

"Hmmm... No! Just as you thought... Oh!... Just a second... Wait a moment..." There was the sound of lots of keyboard tapping and the occasional "hmmm... oookaaayy..." I waited, thinking "This sounds interesting"

"I have one business class seat available, leaving next week and returning in just over two weeks. Would that work?"

'Does a bear sh*t in the woods?' I thought.. "Absolutely!"

So then I had to deal with one day to pack and prepare instead of five weeks - it's all part of the adventure, right!

Contacted some of the nice New Zealand inmates for some advice and planning discussion, which can be found here. Nice bunch. Hope to meet up with some of them en-route

Off to get on the plane now. Will be in Auckland in the morning. Wooo hooo!
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