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Originally Posted by heffy
nice post man. Thanks a bunch.

But I needed that exact briefcase :( haha

I e-mailed the seller... he said he's asking that much because he put a lot of money to make it run. He's negotiable, but he said I'm not going to get a bargain either.
As a rabid buyer, your point of view is that the bike is worth only so much, REGARDLESS of how much HE put into it...there is a point with any project or vehicle where one has to ask oneself this question...If I put one more dime into this machine, will I ever get one more dime out of it? If the answer is NO, then ya sell the thing unless you're willing to take a loss. These days, more and more, sellers are willing to take a loss...

Here's my example...I bought a Harley about 5 years ago that a buddy and I had built from the ground up about 12 years prior...the only used parts on the thing were the engine cases, because they had numbers, otherwise, everything else was brand cost my pal over $32,000 to build it. I bought it for $7,000, which was a phenomenal deal at the time...You couldn't touch a Big Twin of any sort at the time for under ten grand. I put another $7000-8000 into it since then.

Two years ago, I wanted to sell it to buy that same buddy's Ultra...this was at the beginning of the current depression...I advertised it initially for $13,500, went down eventually to $12,000, ran the ad for TWO MONTHS before I pulled it...wasn't gonna sell it for under that, I doubt that I could get my original $7000 out of it, because newer and better stuff is goin' for less than that...

The point is this: Today's rules pre-empt yesterday's rules...You, the buyer, are in the driver's seat. NOT the seller. No more emails or telephone commos except to make an appointment. All further jawing or negotiation takes place in person, otherwise, the guy won't take you seriously...and take your time about making the appointment. Time is on your side. If there are guys on this forum telling you what they've told you, which is what I'm telling you, then there are guys in your region who might be interested in this bike who know exactly the same thing. Take your time. This doesn't appear to be the only 1972 BMW around, and you don't need to spend a dime more than're gonna spend puhlenty of that making this bike your very own, no matter how good a shape it's in!!!

Just my opinion, I hope you don't think I'm gettin' preachy, but this kinda deals works real well for me!!! Best of luck to ya, my friend...and don't forget to follow up and let us know what happens!
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