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Originally Posted by GasGas300
Great start to this thread and thanks everyone for their contributions - It seems like the only thing in the Thumpers section is big 4 strokes like KLR's. With so much interest in this bike, I hope we can keep this going -

I think the biggest downside is going to be mixing oil while fueling up - I am planning on packing some small containers with enough oil to mix 1 or 2 gallons at a time - I hope it's not too much of a pain.

How do these handle altitude changes - for example if you jet for 7500 feet and ride up to say 12,000 do they get running real ratty? Or do you notice it much? How is the mileage effected?
Its not a big deal at all (unless you forget to do it!). I usually use the full syn Spectro, 100ml / gal... Easy to eyeball during fillups. I don't bother with a mix tank on a long ride - just turn off petcock (so the heavier oil doesn't drain thru before its blended), add the fuel & the needed amount of oil (1.5g? just add 150ml... easy) & rock the bike.

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