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Originally Posted by Gadget Boy
If it only saves you once from going down due to the surface, or some jackass cutting you off or cutting in front of you.. it'll be worth it.

For the last 4 years, I've been riding a bike without ABS.. no incidents. New bike, 800GS, in November, I was riding home from work in the rain, I see a car in the opposite direction waiting to turn left in front of me to go into the parking lot of a bar on the opposite side of the road. I keep an eye on him.. he seems to see me, he is stopped.. then he proceeds and turns in front of me, then he stops just before I hit him... I grabbed a handful of brake, and at the same time steer around him.. and by the way, the road was wet from the rain. I am sure I would have gone down if I had braked as hard as I did on a wet road if I didn't have ABS, plus I wouldn't have been able to steer as I was braking very hard.

I looked over as I cleared the hood of his car..... old guy..

So... ya, it's worth having, especially on the unpredictable roads of going to south America.
Hey Gadget Boy,
Gracias for the input. I myself have been riding a non-ABS bike for 3 years w/o any accidents... but several times vehicles have pulled in front of me at the last second (even though my bike has very bright HID lights and I ride with high beams during the day).

Cheers hombre.
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