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HELP ! Airhead GSPD Paralever Fairing R&R

RE: A previous post about a fogged-up headlight shell, I might need to remove the front fairing from my 1994 R100GSPD. Anyone know how? Anyone done it? Is it a bitch?

One of my manuals says that the fairing comes off intact, and is then worked on and serviced upside down on a bench (guages, dash-bulbs, etc) and to unbolt the Roo bars from the frame (downtubes), and then take out the big mutha allen capscrew in the middle bottom front of the Roo bar, and lift it off. Two-man job. The manual says that the harness(s?) disconnect from each other. Izzat so? Is it a bitch?

Does one remove it intact? Or disassemble it piecemeal off the bike. It doesn't appear that is possible.

Of course, the speedo cable has to be undone, and that is a bitch in itself.

Any other issues? Better ways?
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