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Originally Posted by bmwhacker
Received my Acewell unit today...will be wiring it up this BMW (using a 1974 R90/6 chassis / wiring) was a mechanical tach unit with points...I'm a little unclear about how to hook up the tack...they refer to "wrapping a wire around the coil 2 -5 times...." I have two coils..they do not address that...Do I wrap both coils? The picture shows them "wrapping a coil (sparkplug) wire" rather than a "coil". Wrap both wires or one?....I don't know....never seen a tach hooked up that way......I'm a bit confused on that one.......

The unit looks nice....only problem so far is that immediately after purchasing the unit on-line from Electrosports was that my debit card was being used around So. Cal. (where Electrosports is located) to the tune of $180.00 or so before I got it shut off. Someone ordered a lot of flowers ($120.00) and some nice Teddy Bears. ($66.66) with my Debit Card.........hmmmm....

You have allready aired this complaint in another post......
Any resolution to this yet?/
HAve they given you any answers yet?
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