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Originally Posted by LukasM
Sprichst du Deutsch?
You know, Lukas, life is not fair. I could probably Google "KTM", all day long, and never come-up with something cool to watch. Thanks for sharing the link. I really enjoyed it. In fact, I may have to watch it a couple more times.

However, I wanna' say that the footage, that I saw (discussing KTM's two-strokes), was "filler" for some race that I was watching (if I remember correctly). And, I believe that it was another (KTM) guy who was being interviewed.

If y'all can oblige me for a few seconds...

I love to hear their company guys speak about their daily work. They have that PASSION that they don't even bother trying to conceal (because you would see it anyway). Their words don't seem contrived, like an advertisement...Just right there...Here's who we are, and here's what we do.

They remind me of the Soichiro Honda, Hirotake Arai, and "Pops" Yoshimura types of old...innovators, perfectionists, and fanatics. Hell, in the vid., one of the guys even says that they are "fanatics".

I hope that KTM stays true to their "Ready to Race" roots and philosophy, and never gets the urge to water-down their products because of some outside (or inside) influence. Their commitment to their brand is the reason why my garage is turning ORANGE...

Sorry for my rambling...Back to the 3-honey.
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