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ABS yes or no

I love ABS. But to save time I will post a response for the ABS doubters..
- Don't need it since I've been riding for 200 years in the nude with no accidents
- I'm better than ABS and turned down a ride on the World Superbike tour to post continually on Advrider
- Don't need no stinkin' ABS since I can come up with some obscure situation involving braking when doing a wheely backwards where it might not work well
- I'm cheap and KLRs don't have ABS (I've had 2 so chill..)
- I've never owned an ABS bike but am an expert on all things
- I only really ride off road so don't need it much (not a bad point)
- I'm never involved in any surprise situations, am always fully alert and have Spider Sense so the added weight actually increases my stopping distances.
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