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Originally Posted by GasGas300
I notice KTM has a accessory fan kit for the 300 - I ride with a guy that has a 450 and it was a must for his bike - Does the 300 need to have this also if it is being ridden on slow tight single track?
Some may argue this about the 300's (vs the 250, and for that the answer is almost always no...). The 4-s can really use the fan for that kind of riding. The 2-s are much more forgiving when it comes to the heat issue. If you're slipping the clutch like mad for long distances, then anything can boil. Most of it of comes down to the bike set up matching the terrain, and rider technique plays into it too. If you're riding in really nasty terrain, then set the bike up with the right gearing, power valve settings, and consider a G2 throttle cam to make it more tractor-like (less reliance on slipping clutch). It wouldn't hurt on any of those bikes to change the radiator fluid out to something like Engine-ice or Evans.
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