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Mostly covered already but:

1. All the rhetoric and youtube comparisons in the world wont change the fact that a schmuck like me isn't "on" 100% of the time. Even if I lose a few feet of braking distance in absolutely perfect conditions because I have ABS, I'm still better off in the real world. If you're a schmuck like me (and by default you are, since you're on ADV ), ABS will provide you with similar results.

2. You can turn it off. And you don't even have to be a 12 year old kid to figure it out.

3. It only weighs like 4 pounds. Under 1% of the bike weight, even less when a rider hops on. If 4 pounds really matters, shed some weight off your spare tire there, tubby.

4. Your bike has a 3 year warranty, more if you get the extended warranty. You broke it, they bought it.
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