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Without a bike, I had to ride a bus into Auckland [Note to self: next time consider staying down-town] and so with nothing better to do, I wandered around the town center for a good part of the day, just stretching my legs and getting a feel for the place. Those people reading this who are snowbound REALLY don't want to know how warm the sun and gentle sea breezes were

Auckland is the capital and largest city in New Zealand. 1.4 million people live in the city. That's a third of the total population for the entire country. As big cities go, Auckland is pretty nice - but it's still a big city and I'm anxious to get on to the South Island where I can RIDE!

Also known as The City of Sails, the harbour harboured all sorts of boats, including a few America's Cup racing yachts. The following two were on opposite sides of the same quay:

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