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Back in the saddle again
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Very Nice Jack and I see the 690 peeking around the corner too. No signals? You forgot the squishy horn to offset the perfectionizum!

I'm almost feeling lucky my car crapped out when it did because I went and bought a truck with a loan from the bank and the payments and all.

During this same time period I seen a 300 up in Bellevue for sale looking so lonely sitting out on the street all by itself. I'm not sure what year or how farkled but it sure looked nice. Anyway I had to administer some self discipline and never got close enough to catch a whiff of the two stroke as I could see myself dumping a couple grand putting my own little tweeks on a 300.

Truck's paid off now, God help me!
Okay so I'm not Super Man. I'm just the jack of many trades, master of some yet to find and as the world turns that would only be for a matter of time.

Okay, screw it, stop the world I'm getting off.
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