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Originally Posted by DirtJack
Correct. I've used the Vapor on other bikes. For this one, the Vector seemed to be the one to use as it has a resettable odometer. Both have temperature gauges which can be useful at times. I don't think you can really use one of these as a dual sport bike. The vibes at speed are hard to tolerate. My XC has 14/45 gearing right now which gives about the same 5th gear performance as the stock (US) 13/50 on a XC W. At 5000 rpm on both bikes, you are zipping a long at 47 mph. At 7000 rpm you are up to 65 on the XC and 66 on the XC W but your feet go numb in 30 seconds from the vibes. Works great connecting between trails and getting into town to fill up.

Late model KTM's have a hole in the front rotors for the Trailtech magnet which attaches with a circlip. The sensor screws into the threaded hole in
the Brembo caliper mount just like the OEM sensor. Easy install.
Thanks1 great info - how does the unit get water temp info? Do you need to a a sensor somewhere?
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