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Originally Posted by eatpasta

and luckily the XR starts very easily when its hot!
Er, yeah. But aftre crashing ??? I know my XR400 R was a PAAAIIIIIIINN to start after dropping it. I'd lay that thing down on the left (and right) and see just how hard it is to start hot. You may get a surprise.

And the slow is fast mantra is true. I was in a harescramble and there was some kid clearly faster than me, but he kept crashing. He passed me and I passed him back when he was on the ground, probably literally 10 times in a 2 hr race. He was DYING. I was running the pace I was capable of and fresh. Believe I stopped to pee and still beat him.

Trust me, when you get tired, that's when you get hurt. Pick a pace you can run and know you are running the clock. Nobody else. You can go only as fast as you can go, regardless of whoever else may be racing you, and how fast or slow they are.

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