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Originally Posted by Barry
Er, yeah. But aftre crashing ??? I know my XR400 R was a PAAAIIIIIIINN to start after dropping it. I'd lay that thing down on the left (and right) and see just how hard it is to start hot. You may get a surprise.

And the slow is fast mantra is true.
That is the voice of experience, right there.

My 250exc would start with 1/2 a kick warm. Until you crash. Then it might take 3 or 4 to clear things out and get it to fire.

Then there is the whole kicking thing. You do not know what tired is until you pick up your bike for the umpteenth time and then, while fighting leg cramps, try to bend you leg up to the lever to kick it over.

When it doesn't start on the 1st boot, you might be fighting off tears.

Don't forget to bring plenty of bananas. Eat one right before the start, another at gas and another at the finish. Do not drink Coke or Pepsi, the caffeine will make you pee and give you leg cramps on the way home.

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