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Originally Posted by F650Dakar_Norway
...and wondered if anybody had practical user experience with a Rally Replica - in case one should land in my hands...
With any luck, "LukasM" will see this thread. He is a very knowledgeable guy (with all bikes), and has a relative who actually owns one of these (which has given him some quality "hands-on" time with this machine/690RR).

Originally Posted by F650Dakar_Norway
...and a more solid, metal-based instrument/light assembly frame being more stress- and crash-tolerant once (not when) a crash happens.
As I'm sure you already know, that frame is pretty standard on most "true" rally bikes. I don't think that the frame has as much to do with crashing as it does with getting the weight off the bars (thereby preventing some crashes ).

Good Luck. I hope that you get one, and post pics. when you do.
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