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Originally Posted by bmwhacker
Mounted my Acewell speedo today and started to sort out my wiring.....sat down with your info and double checked to my 1974 wiring harness....all looks good except that mine was a mechanical tach.....When picking up your "unswitched" clock power (red) which terminal in the headlight pod did you tap to? Your work shown here sure is making my life easier!!!!! I'll buy you a beer or two if we ever cross paths!!!!!!!
I too will be mounting one on my /6 with mechanical clock, some day.... Regarding the tach hookup: in may be mistaken (moi?...!!!) but I would try the following...

The tach "signal" for the electronic ignition is the equivalent of the points signal for the points bikes... i.e. the "hot" wire to the coil(s). Your two coils are wired in series in way that fires each coil. One wire comes from the harness (actually, the points), and then jumps over to the other coil. Thus, on the coil with two wires, tap into the terminal that does not have a wire going to the other coil.

Otherwise, you can wrap the Acewell pickup around one of the sparkplug high tension leads, as the describe in the instructions.

My preference, by far, would be to use the coil pickup.

So, try it, and let us know whether that is right, and if it is, I can thank you for figuring it out for MY /6....!!! and we can buy each other a beer....

oops... re: red wire: any place that is convenient will do, either the circuit board or the switch terminal.
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