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Originally Posted by Cactus Dave
I suggest a different (smaller, lighter and with e-start) bike for your first hare scramble/enduro. The XR650R is a great desert race bike - Baja 1000, Vegas to Reno, etc. It is NOT an enduro bike. They start easily when hot, and upright. If it has been on its side (and it does not have an Edelbrock carb), it is a HUGE PIA to get started. Kick, and Kick, and Kick, and Kick . . . . to clear it and get it started. And, if this is your first enduro, it will be on its side. It will exhaust you. Plus, the bike is long and tall and somewhat heavy for enduro work. If you're Scott Summers or Johnny Campbell, or Steve Hengeveld, you can make an XR650R do anything, anytime anywhere. Otherwise, it'll wear you out. I speak from experience . . . , and I'm a big XR650R fan.

If you have access to a 250, 400, or 450 with e-start, beg, borrow or steal it for your first effort.

In my wildest dreams I will NEVER been Hengeveld, or Cambell!! HOWEVER..... I can ride a similar bike!

which i Know is wrong for this event, but its what Ive got and what I feel comfortable on. we'll see how bad it is....

thanks for all the advice guys - on the food as well.... I need to know these things!

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MX stuff isn't my cup of tea, but falling down the side of a mountain is
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