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2009 Christmas in Baja

The wife(a.k.a. Marcia) and I made some last minute plans to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays in Baja. So the plan is simple ride down on the Ural and the HP2 cross in Tecate and and just relax eat some great food and see some sights.

Day 1 Napa CA to Harris Ranch on Hwy 5

We got the bikes all packed and fueled up ready to go the day before we left. We had to work but got off just a bit early and hit the road after work. We got some new Nolan helmets with the Bluetooth intercom system and this was the first ride and trip with them. (Post trip feed back we love them two thumbs up!) So after work got suited up and hit the road all in a hurry to make some time and beat the traffic I failed to take a parting picture. So we rode till it got dark and stopped for dinner.

Now last November we rode down to San Felipe Baja for Thanksgiving. We rode all day from Napa to the boarder. It was a long day for both of us. So we decided not to do a long day like that this time. So we decided to ride a bit after work on day one and then next day ride the rest of the way or just see where we end up. Remeber the plan is loose this time around. So that was it for day one a dinner stop and then to Harris Ranch on I-5... we only took one picture between the both of us.

Day 1 - Wife
We hit the road at 3:36 pm. I didn't know exactly what time I would get off work, so the fall back time was 5:00 pm. Mr. Johnson (a.k.a. Cory) already had the day off, so he was just waiting for me.
I was able to leave work at 3:00 pm so I rushed home to get changed.We had already packed everything. Mr. Johnson just needed to pack the bikes, get gas, and check the tire pressures, which he did. What a good husband.
So I changed and we were on the road by 3:36 pm.
We drove to Dublin, CA where the traffic was backed up pretty bad. We decided to stop off and get something to eat at Fudruckers.
Dinner was good. As for our plan to stop to avoid traffic, well that didn't go so well. We were in traffic pretty much until we hit I-5.
We drove on I-5 and decided to stop in Coalinga. It was windy, which we knew, but I didn't realize how cold it was. My heated jacket kept me very toasty.
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