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Originally Posted by bmwhacker
Success today. snip



Nice! I was on the other thread and thinking of asking for a shot of the front end of the bike... I could see the Earles and wanted to see more of the brake....

DO let us know about the wire-to-the-coil method.

Note: I don't know if I mentioned calibrating the speedo in the thread... but I did it by trial and error and a known quantity. I looked up the RPM/speed chart, and figured out exactly how fast I should be going for, say, 3000rpm.

I then set the Acewell up so that I could easily read the RPM and the speed (both are digital readouts), and then did the trial=amd-erro part: adjust the circumference number up or down until the speed readout is where it should be at that given rpm. I think it took four or five stop-and-goes.... Read it, stop the bike and open the menu and change the number, then go. Repeat as necessary!

Good luck... bike is looking great!

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