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Day 3- Springs Valley CA to Ensenada to Rosarito BC

Its December 24th Marcia's birthday, happy birthday honey. Marcia wasnt very comfortable or pleased with the honey moon suite i had checked us into for the night. She was up early with me wanting to get out of there. Im always getting points with her on special days. For breakfast on your birthday honey im treating you to the finest Starbucks hot frothy caffeinated beverage and pastry you ever laied eyes on.

We fueled up and I did a check over on the bikes oil, tires, nuts & bolts etc. A little clutch cable adjustment was all we needed. Its just a short ride in some beautiful country over to the Tecate boarder. The boarder patrol is all over that section of country.

The helmet coms came in handy at intersection changes for the following rider and at the boarder. They work so well we can hear both sides of a conversation the other rider is having. At the boarder we could communicate and hear what the other was saying to the crossing guards.

Again like last November I could not find a Mexican insurance company to insure the Ural sidecar. The HP2 no problem but not the hack. The other thing you need if the bike is not paid for is a letter from the loan company stating its ok for you to take the bike into Mexico for certain dates. You also need a tourist card if you travel south on Ensenada or stay longer than a few days. Again I decided we dont need no stinking papers. All we took was CA ID and passports. Dont do what I / we did do it right. That being said we didnt have any issues. Its a gamble we have taken before and felt confident we could handle any issues that could arise.

So knowing we didnt have all the proper paper work crossing over is always a bit nerv tingling. Baja here we come!

Just as before we got a green light and a wave on through. Not even a second look well Marcia got a second look cause the sidecar but was just the normal thumbs up cool bike stuff.

"That was easy"

Mex 3 out of Tecate through the Valle De Guadalupe Baja's wine growing region. Mex 3 heads down to the coast Mex 1 Ensenada.

Christmas tree and Olive tree farms

There was some major construction on the highway right smack in the middle of the wine region. So off the pavement on to detours that would never be allowed in the US. So we got slowed down in the long dirt detour that was pretty rough and cars passing each other with the mirrors just brushing by. We didnt take any pics of this section.

Then its crest over the mountain and you see this wonderful view of the ocean and Ensenada. Point and shoot cameras on the fly dont do it justice.

We decided to go into Ensenada and have lunch and look around. Some sights along the way.

Rolling into town we passed a row of taco stands that smelled oh so good. I snaped a pic but I didnt know which one smelled so good.

So we flipped a u turn and parked. Its TACO TIME

Further investigation found that this was the place.

Talked to some guys from Arizona who affirmed this was the best taco stand in town. "Your nose was right he cooks with charcoal"

Its a family affair. This guy had his two daughters and wife and one older lady probablly grandma. We had brought some candy canes with us to give out to kids. The youngest daughter 12ish was wearing a santa hat so I gave her a candy cane and practiced my Feliz Navidad. What an ice breaker. Dad and the whole family just smiled and the service came on and they started speaking english to us. We had a good lunch.

I told myself and Marcia I would try a lingua (beef tounge) taco.

Tastes like beef only softer almost chewy. It was a good flavor but the mental block was on. I ate it all it was tasty but that was the only one I ate.

Again I spared no expense on Marcia's birthday lunch! $1 tacos

So lunch was a smash we decided to head up to Rosarito. You ever wonder how clean and where your fresh cucumbers come from?

Hey budy wheres your helmet?

This guy wasnt thrilled with me taking his picture but I found his helmet and felt better knowing he had one. These little Honda 125's are all over down there. Pizza deliveries etc.

Marcia saw this sign which is a common store around there and thought of me.

Mex 1

These rings must be some kind of net system

GSA going south

We rode to our time share at the La Paloma. Gated parking with security and on site pools, tennis, restaurant, every thing a non ADV perosn would want so they wouldnt have to leave the comfort and safety of the hotel where people speak english. It was nice right on the beach and close to town. I had the wife with me so I couldnt rough it like I would like to with other ADVers, but again Im not working, I'm riding a Moto and in Baja. Tomorrow is Christmas Day!

Wife - Day 3 - Thursday, December 24th

We planned on getting ready and driving across the street to Starbucks for coffee and a pastery. I had noticed a whine/grind in the bike when I was traveling slow or slowing down. This started way before the trip and I tried to explain it to Mr. Johnson and show him but was unsuccessful. Well yesterday he was able to hear it himself when we stopped for our coffee break. So Mr. Johnson was going to adjust the clutch cable to fix the noise.
Once all coffeed up we headed South again for the Mexican boarder, Tecate.
Again, we crossed over with no issues or even a second glance.
I don't know why, but as soon as we cross the boarder it is almost like a switch is turned on and all i can do is smile - I'm in Mexico.

We were looking for Route 3 to take us to Valle de Guadalupe route to Ensendada.
It is always an uneasy feeling when you take an unfamilar route you haven't been on before. Not knowing if you are going to be out in the middle of no where and if there will be a service station on the way. But once we were on the Valle de Guadalupe my nerves were at ease. This is a road traveled by many. More like a scenic route.
We got to drive through the Wine growing region - which was pretty country. Vineyards set in a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains.
What a great ride.

Then all of a sudden with no warning we are in a construction zone. The roads were under repair and we are now driving on a dustly rocky road. We were stuck behind a tour bus which was stuck behind a semi truck. Oh fun. It is pretty tight in some parts of the road and too dusty to see if we can pass. Well the tour buss passes up the semi and so does Mr. Johnson. So off I am to catch up and get out from behind this semi. As Cory stated above, the helmet coms were great. My visibility was pretty bad behind the semi truck, but with eyes ahead of me telling me it was clear I was able to take the plunge and pass the truck then we passed the tour bus.
Once on the paved road we are now decending and the view of the ocean is breath taking.

Now the road turns into a four lane highway and everyone is flying down the hill. All I want to do is take some pictures. So I'm trying to keep up with traffic, make the turns, and catch the scenery that is before me. Well something has got to give, so I slow down. Mr. Johnson now notices I am not right behind him and asks what am I doing. Taking pictures. So I tell him to pull over and we take a few pics and the tour bus that we passed now is flying by us.

Pics taken we are now on our way again. We decide to head into Ensenada to check out the town before we head up to Rosarito Beach.

As we ride through town our stomach and nose leads us to a wonderful smelling taco stand/restaurant. It is a sit down at the table or bar open restaurant. We opted for the bar.
First thing first, got to use the facilities. The toilet room was small, as small or even smaller than an air plain bathroom. Look at the pics yourself. But hey, at least they have one and it was clean.

Ok, now onto what we came to Mexico for the (food) and the (people).
Mr. Johnson and I had talked about Lengua tacos and how he would NOT try one and he wasn't even interested.
Well I had found out the lengua tacos taste just like asada tacos, just more chewy. So we, Mr. Johnson and I, made a bet. If I ate an Asada (steak) taco he would eat a Lengua (tongue) taco. I don't eat beef and have not for 15 years. I don't like the taste and it upsets my stomach.
So here we are at our first taco place in Mexico and we decide to fulfill our bet. Mr. Johnson said the Lengua tasted like beef just more chewy, I had the asada and the beef was as I remember it tasting. We then had a round of our regular tacos - Asada for Mr. Johnson, Pastor for me. These tacos were very good. The flour tortilla were the best. Didn't find a better flour tortilla our whole trip.
I don't know if it is because this was our first tacos in Mexico this trip or simply because they were just good, but I think these were the best tacos we had. It might have been too that we were really hungry.

Now we are headed North to Rosarito Beach, Baja California.

What we didn't know until later is there are two roads that run North and South - one is the Toll road and one the Free road. The Free road was the original road and a bit more scenic, longer, and has seen better days. The Toll road runs along the free road most of the time until the free road goes South-East, which is where it becomes longer.
We were on the Toll road and ended up passing through two Toll stations paying $3.00 per bike per Toll station.
The Toll road pretty much runs along the coast. Very Pretty.
We arrived in Rosarito Beach and went into town to ride through then headed to our time share.
Our time share was really nice. Gated, two bedroom two bathroom unit that slept 6, full kitchen, washer and dryer, top floor unit, 3 pools, tennis courts, pool table, resturant on site, beach access, close enough to walk to town, yet far enough away for privacy.

Room to spare

Today is Christmas Eve and once we were settled in we didn't want to leave so we had the front desk order in a pizza for us. It was a local pizza joint. Pizza was interesting. The flavor was ok, the crust was different - flat crust with seasame seeds. The only thing that could have made this Christmas Eve better was if we had found churos.
All in all, it was a great day.
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