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After a few wrong turns we found the Ruta del Rio Sonora and were actually on the road! A couple of miles later and I was again questioning the wisdom of the trip as I saw this sign.

After the hassle at the Banjercito I just wasn't sure if I could take leaving the Hassle Free Zone!

The roads weren't wonderful but if you ever come down to Bisbee I guarantee you'll find our roads are some of the worst ever, in comparison I'd say the Mexican roads were somewhat equivalent to feather pillows.

About 10 miles down the road, just as I'm getting used to things we come up to some sort of guard post.

My thought was it was just some sort of customs crossing; I ran into one in California once, it was like California was a whole different country than Oregon.

Since there was a line Karen disembarked so she could stretch out a little, we got our passports ready and just enjoyed being on "Mexico time".

The 2 trucks in the front of the line were from Colorado, I guess they were down for some ATV'ing or something; anyway the guards gave them a thorough inspection. The truck in front of us was from Sonora so I figured they'd get a pass. The Coloradans were finally sent on their way, as I expected the Sonorans were being waved through but at the last minute they were halted and ordered to empty the back of their truck.

There must have been 4 or 5 guys in the cab of the truck, it was like a clown car at the circus when they started piling out. They came around the back of the truck and started unloading rifle cases, before I knew it there were guns everywhere. There weren't any issues, I think they were just showing off their hardware.

The one guy with the automatic rifle just sort of stood there and looked intimidating his partner had his piston stuffed in his pocket but took it out and started waving it around so the other guys could check it out. Before long they were all packed back up and sent on their way. I expected to be stopped and searched but they just gave us the move-along as we came by.

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